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18 / 03 / 20

Spring is Here
My favourite time of year has arrived- Spring. Everything comes back to life-the flowers are popping up, the geese and ducks are returning to Long Lake, and the sunshine has some real warmth to it.
This year however, spring has also brought the malevolent Corona virus, or CoVid-19 to our planet, our country, and no doubt in time to our City. This has brought cataclysmic changes to our world, both professionally, and personally. It has forced us at the Inn to review our practices to ensure we are doing everything in our power to ensure our guests and staff are kept safe from this virus. From buying cases of sanitizer to wipe down every doorknob and other surfaces, to soaking our room keys in a sanitizer bath, up to offering “Grab and Go” breakfast option for those preferring to avoid our breakfast room. We are always looking for more options to help stop the spread of this deadly virus in our community, and are evolving our practices as we go.
I do know that, in spite of Covid-19, the Island will remain a wonderful place to live and to visit when we can get back to normal. We will be here by the lake through this crisis and far beyond it. I know this pandemic will change our world, probably in ways I cannot imagine. I hope that some good comes from it, in some way. Perhaps we can learn to value our families and friends a little more after our ability to visit them has been limited by this situation. Perhaps we can appreciate what we do have- sunshine, forests to wander, beaches to visit – even in the difficult times.
We will continue to update our Facebook page with pictures of our lake, our flowers, and of the baby ducklings and goslings we will soon welcome on our lake


12 / 07 / 19

Summer is upon us here on Vancouver Island, and it is going to be a busy on for us! The beauty of Vancouver Island is known worldwide, and many come to enjoy the wild splendour of the West Coast in Tofino and Ucluelet. Whether it is fishing, whale watching, surfing, or just walking the beach and hitting a restaurant for dinner, there is no where better. The Old World charm of Victoria, whether it is the quaint shops of downtown, or the beauty of Butchart Gardens it is a wonderful place to visit. While very different from each other, they are both great areas to visit. Nanaimo has also been discovered by the world now, and many have realised it is the prefect spot. With our own stunning Harbourfront Walkway, the nature and history of Saysutshun (Newcastle Island) a short boat trip across the harbour, or our many beautiful parks such as Pipers Lagoon (my favourite), Neck Point, Westwood Lake trails, Nanaimo is a great place to be. Not to forget, the areas in and around the City abound with Mountain biking trails for any and all skill levels.
As well as our attractions, we make a great base to stay at for a few days, and plan side trips around the Island-the advantage of our central location. Even Tofino is a reasonable day trip from Nanaimo.
We love to welcome the many people we meet from around the globe at our little Inn, and know the magic of being able to sit on their private balcony looking over the lake will make their day a little better, and hopefully contribute to the enjoyment of their holidays.


17 / 07 / 20

Everyone’s favourite time of year is upon us – Summer! While it has been off to s a slow start in more ways than one, it is definitely here now. The cool and rainy weather we dealt with for the first 10 days of the month are gone, and the sun has come out to play. It’s getting hot out there. Let’s be sure we all get out and enjoy that sunshine.

We are pleased to see so many familiar faces travelling this summer, and also a lot of new faces. I am thrilled to see how many people are following the advice of Dr. Bonnie Henry, and vacationing a little closer to home than they may have in the past. I know how beautiful Vancouver Island is, and am always happy to see people explore the many wonderful places we have nearby. I sometimes think that we Islanders forget that we have so much so close to home, from the quaint small town of Chemainus, to the wild and rugged West Coast of Tofino and Ucluelet, to the tranquility of Newcastle Island, or to use its proper name, Saysutshun, located just a short boat ride across Nanaimo Harbour. Within Nanaimo, my favourite places to visit are Pipers Lagoon park, and Neck Point park. Both offer the opportunity to enjoy the ocean shore, walk through the trees, soak up some sunshine, and RELAX, which we all need more than ever.

Let’s have a great summer and make the most of it.