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Happy New Year

31 / 12 / 18

We say goodbye to 2018 and a big Hello to 2019! 2018 was a very successful year for our beautiful little lakeside hotel. Our summer tourist season is long gone, and we are happy to be dealing with our “regulars” through the fall and winter. Although still a busy time, it is a little more sane, and allows us a  little more time to enjoy with those guests who have been coming to stay with us for years-whether for business or for pleasure.

Our Island winter has been a mild one (so far!) temperature wise, but has certainly left a lasting impression with the massive rainstorms and horrendous winds. While much of our Island has been dealing with significant damage, and major inconveniences like days without power, we escaped relatively unscathed. A few tree branches knocked down, and a little bit of soffit and trim damaged, and one short power outage was the limit of our damages. It does break our hearts to see our friends, customers, and neighbours dealing with their issues resulting from the storms, and we hope they are able to return to normal quickly in the new year.


Blog Coming Soon

27 / 08 / 13

We will soon be bringing you our blog.


17 / 07 / 20

Everyone’s favourite time of year is upon us – Summer! While it has been off to s a slow start in more ways than one, it is definitely here now. The cool and rainy weather we dealt with for the first 10 days of the month are gone, and the sun has come out to play. It’s getting hot out there. Let’s be sure we all get out and enjoy that sunshine.

We are pleased to see so many familiar faces travelling this summer, and also a lot of new faces. I am thrilled to see how many people are following the advice of Dr. Bonnie Henry, and vacationing a little closer to home than they may have in the past. I know how beautiful Vancouver Island is, and am always happy to see people explore the many wonderful places we have nearby. I sometimes think that we Islanders forget that we have so much so close to home, from the quaint small town of Chemainus, to the wild and rugged West Coast of Tofino and Ucluelet, to the tranquility of Newcastle Island, or to use its proper name, Saysutshun, located just a short boat ride across Nanaimo Harbour. Within Nanaimo, my favourite places to visit are Pipers Lagoon park, and Neck Point park. Both offer the opportunity to enjoy the ocean shore, walk through the trees, soak up some sunshine, and RELAX, which we all need more than ever.

Let’s have a great summer and make the most of it.