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27 / 08 / 13

We will soon be bringing you our blog.

Gina the Cleana

25 / 09 / 20

Summer has come and gone sadly. It has been an interesting ride for all of us, whether in the Hotel industry, on our wonderful Island, or anywhere else on this planet. Our worlds have all been thrown for a loop, and I think we are all trying to hang on and ride it out. Sadly, it appears that the ride is not over yet, and there are still a few challenges ahead of us.

Thankfully, we have Gina who is Armed and Dangerous! She and her crew of eccentrics are busy cleaning and sanitizing the property. The summer always puts a lot of strain on our Housekeeping, and we finish with a list of extras to catch up on. This year has been a little harder on us than past years were, but we continue our cleaning, and evolve our practices to meet the new reality. We are doing our best to make your stay safe, secure, and pleasant with the regulations we are all getting used to. We continue to look for better ways to do things for our guests, and balance those possibilities against the realities of operating a business during a pandemic. We still love our guests, and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their business, their understanding, and their compassion. To those few individuals that have been a little “less than understanding” about the changes and challenges, we wish you well in you future travels.
We will be here during the long winter ahead ( but please, not much snow-this is the Island after all) doing our best to take care of you, and make your stay as pleasant as possible. Gina will be prowling the property with her powerful new sprayer, Morgan, Lenin, Marilyn, and of course Dirk will be manning the phone and the Front Desk.