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Long Lake

When you stay at the Inn, Long Lake is your backyard. At 1.5 km in length, the lake is deceptively larger than it appears from the road and it’s a perfect place for rowing, kayaking, swimming and picnicking.

You don’t even have to leave the hotel to begin enjoying Long Lake. Rent kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and pedal-boats or go for a swim right from our hotel docks. And let’s not forget the view! Enjoy it from your room’s private balcony or patio, or from our large hot tub mere feet from the water’s edge.

Bring your own fishing rod and reel in some trout and bass—just don’t forget a license!  Long Lake is stocked with Cutthroat and Rainbow trout, and also contains bass, stickleback, blue gills and bullheads. You will often see fishermen in their boats floating throughout the lake, as well as guests casting their fishing lines from our docks.

There is an abundance of wildlife to be found around the lake; Bald eagles can be seen year round, as can Canada Geese, Mallard Ducks, and Mergansers can be found year round on the lake, while you will see a number of migratory birds throughout the year as well. On occasion we receive winter visits from Trumpeter swans. Beavers, Mink, Otters, Raccoons, Deer, Rabbits, Frogs and Turtles can also be found on the shoreline, and on the property of the Inn. Much of the wildlife can be viewed right from your room!

Located just a short walk around the lake is Loudon Park, which has a beautiful sandy beach perfect for swimming, playing, and sunbathing and a gentle walkway that follows a portion of the shore line.

Long Lake was once a traditional food and fishery source for the local First Nationals people. In the early 1900’s the E&N railway arrived along the south and west shores, bringing small mining cabins to the area. Soon after this other homes and commercial buildings began to spring up around the lakeshore, creating the community of Wellington.





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